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Bringing beauty & inspiration to the world.

Nobody would have thought that when Daniel & Marie-Anne Ost founded 'Floreal' in 1979, the company would be standing where it is today.

What started as a small local flower shop in Belgium has grown into a leading and world-renowned flower company active in retail, events, art, garden and landscape design and even its own flower academy.

From a small town

Today, the 18th-century premises in Sint-Niklaas are still the workplace and home of master florist Daniel. But there are no limits. Travelling 500 km to find a particular orchid, decorating the wedding of a sheikh in the desert or sacred temples in Kyoto, being inspired by other cultures... The Daniel Ost team travels the world to bring the most exclusive assignments to a sublime conclusion.

An unbridled passion for the floral and the ability to put emotions into natural elements make each creation unparalleled. And they have understood this abroad as well.

Nele Ost, Creative Director.

Father Daniël and mother Marie-Anne
gave Nele the creative genes.
Growing up between flowers and plants,
taught her the tricks of the trade and
trained her eye for beauty and detail.

Always true to the values.

Creativity and quality are of paramount importance. Along with the increasing importance of sustainability.

All projects, no matter how big or small, are always measured against our standards and values, and we are proud of that. We want to excel in everything we do, and every day our team puts its best foot forward to achieve this.

We are available for all projects, regardless of their size or location.

As a real family business, currently run by the second generation, we have won many hearts and souls with our stunning creations, pure dedication and absolute passion for all that breathes 'beauty'.

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